Mission: Organization – Color Center

This, my friends, is my favorite part of my craft room; this is what I call my Color Center. Let’s get right into it with a photo, shall we?

Picture it… I am in the living room watching a movie when I look at my wall and notice all the CDs in the CD rack hanging on the wall. I go back to the movie and then look at it again a while later. Then hit me like a ton of bricks, take the rack off the wall and pack up those CDs. One, I do not need the CDs out, because everything I own is in my iTunes library, and two, it’s the perfect item to use as storage in the craft room.

I removed all the CDs from the rack, packed them up into two boxes and brought the rack upstairs into my craft room (this room is also my home office). I placed it on the ground and asked myself, “What I can use this for?” A little while later, it hit me again (like a ton of bricks; I know, that is a lot of bricks in one day): storage for my Stampin’ Up! Classic Stampin’ Pads and Stampin’ Write Markers.

When the rack is flipped on its side, there are six cubicles going across and four downwards. To organize all the items, each column consists of one of the five core Color Collections: Brights, Subtles, Regals, Neutrals and In Colors. Photograph below does not show all the cubicles.

Stampin' Up! - Mission: Organization - Color Center

The photograph shared above shows the first two cubicles storing all the Classic Stampin’ Pads and Ink Refills. The third cubicle stores my Stampin’ Write Marker for each Color Collection. Lastly, my Stampin’ Sponges for each color are stored in a Tag a Bag Gift Box in the last cubicle. The one thing you will notice in the photograph is that the In Colors are all in one column; this is because I did not want to break these colors. The Classic Markers in the first cubicle store the In Colors that will be returning in the next Stampin’ Up! year, while below them in the next cubicle, the newest colors are stored. Markers are still only stored in one cubicle, but like the ink pads, the next set of In Colors to retire are the first five markers, the newest colors released follow, and the same goes for the Stampin’ Sponges. The last column stores folded card bases, StazOn Black Ink, VersaMark Ink and my Blender Pens.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that some of you found it useful. Like I mentioned at the beginning of my post, I love my Color Center, and the icing on the cake is that all my ink related products are at arms reach when I need them.

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  1. I love this!!! This is one of my main problems in my area, no place to store my inks and markers! I keep looking at the thrift stores for old cd or even 8 track tape holders, unfortunately, I think a lot of of crafters are doing the same thing because I rarely find them!

    Excellent way to store the colors though and I like how you’ve got them arranged with what colors are retiring vs the new ones, helps to remember which are which!

    Can’t wait to see more!



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