Mission: Organization – Stamp Storage

Today’s Mission: Organization covers something every stamper out there has to deal with: stamp storage. Before I joined Stampin’ Up!, the one question on my mind was where I would store all the stamp sets that I would be accumulating. I knew this would be a challenge, and I also knew I need to come up with a solution, because the next month I would be signing up.

There are plenty of reasons why I joined Stampin’ Up!, but one of the main reasons; their stamp sets came in a clear plastic case (DVD like). When I joined, only their clear-mount stamps would come in these cases, but since then the company has updated even their wood-mount cases to the clear plastic cases! I loved these cases because they would be easy enough to store, and I could always buy a DVD rack to house them all.

However, I did not want to have to spend money that I did not have. So, one day while cleaning, I was straightening up the dresser that housed my bed sheets (Yes, a dresser. I do not have any closets in my apartment.) I was going to move the sheets to a different dresser and then thinking to myself, “What am I going to do with this dresser?” Then, the ah-ha moment came… stamp storage!

Stampin' Up! - Mission: Organization - Stamp Storage

My partner, Gus, and I carried the big fellow in the craft room. It would be a perfect storage place for awesome stamp sets. As you can tell in the photograph, the stamp sets fit perfectly and I have a lot of space as my collection grows.

To help me keep stamp sets organized even more, the top drawer is used for all current stamp sets and the second drawer is for my retired stamp sets. All stamps in both drawers are also in alphabetical order as well.

So, there you have it – this is how I keep all my stamp sets stored and organized. So much space, I might have to change that soon. Thanks for stopping by, and come back Friday for the next installment of Mission: Organization.

P.S. The third drawer is currently empty and will hopefully be used for something soon.

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  1. Do you keep your clear mount stamps in the rubber they come in or throw that bit away? I’ve been keeping mine in the rubber, then the other day I noticed that some of the stamps seem to be “warping” a bit, kind of bending! Have you had this problem at all? Kind of worried me!


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